Our Services

Offering world class service to international schools all over the world

We offer our customers unlimited live support via chat service, our international team covers different time zones from east to west,from South America to Middle East and Asia, in English,Arabic and Spanish languages.

Value added products for RenWeb SIS

Designing,developing and integrating value added products that increase schools efficiency, adapt unique educational requirements, increase the school offering to parents and provide insights and analytics to schools' data.


Customization of reports and report cards in multi language to fit the schools special requirements. A professional and easy to understand design for the students' report cards.

Ofrecemos a nuestros clientes soporte via chat online, nuestro equipo internacional cubre diferentes zonas horarias de este a oeste, desde Sudamérica a Oriente Medio y Asia, en inglés, árabe y español.

EduWeb Group is a company with more than 10 years of experience in the field of the school management software. We are official distributors, exclusively, for Europe, Oceania and Asia of the leading school management software RenWeb.

But we are also a partner with our client schools. Therefore, we have a personalized service and technical support 24/7 from our headquarters in Madrid. Because we understand that your school can not stop. It needs everything to work perfectly. So that you can dedicate yourself to what you really need, manage your school in the best conditions of profitability and efficiency.

Our products

Software RenWeb in a Mac
The integrated web based solution that connects administration, teachers and parents.

Software RenWeb in a Mac
Instant Messaging and School Chat Bot.

Software RenWeb in a Mac
Discover how bamboo can change the day to day lives of teachers and administrators for Montessori schools.

Software RenWeb in a Mac
SChEduweb is a powerful tool that helps you create class schedules and manage enrollments with a click of a button. Thanks to its algorithm, reduces the time spent by teachers and administrators in creating classes schedules.

Software RenWeb in a Mac
Communicate important information by sending SMS messages in bulk to students, parents or staff with just one click.

Software RenWeb in a Mac
Graphical representations of students or staff evaluations for easy interpretation and analysis of the data.

Software RenWeb in a Mac
Allows real time location tracking of the school bus also allows the parent to notify the driver of the pick up location.