EduWeb as Odoo Partner

  1. Guidance on Standard features. 
    1. We can answer question as "how can I set an alert on a partner when a sales order is created". 
    2. We can redirect our customers to online help, videos or tutorials related with the question related. 
  2. Bug fixing
    1. If the bug is related with Odoo's modules this is beyond our responsibility but will create the ticket to Odoo and we will follow up. If possible we will try to create a patch or hot fix. 
    2. If the bug is related with any EduWeb's module we will fix is without any extra cost if this is not related with any misconfiguration on the customer's side.
  3. What is not included
    1. Consultancy: If EduWeb has to understand you business process this question can be covered with a success pack. 
    2. Online meetings. If the question cannot be perform by written you can send screenshots or screen cast in order to understand. If a meeting is needed it can be covered by Success packs. 
    3. Custom Reports.
    4. Custom Developments. 

EduWeb commits upgrading with no extra cost the database each two versions for:

  1. Odoo Standard modules. 
  2. EduWeb modules (in this case modules foro the destination version have to be acquired or subscriptions has to be up to date).

EduWeb will send an estimate for custom views, custom studio customizations or other items non included on the standard modules.  

Success Packs

The Success Packs include a package of premium services by a dedicated specialist depending on your needs. 

  • Consultancy
    •  During the implementation phase, you will have an Odoo Project Manager assigned to you to analyze your requirements and configure your Odoo Apps according to your needs.
  •  Configuration
    • EduWeb will try keeping the system as out of the box as possible. This will save costs on development and ongoing maintenance. Our specialists will try performing your needs via configuration instead of custom development. 
  • Training
    • Our success packs cover also training. Trainings will be recorded and shared with your team. 
  • Development 
    • We will try to keep the system as out of the box as possible. Nevertheless we understand there are specific needs that need development.