A world leader in SIS

Eduweb is a licensed distributor of FACTS SIS - a world-leading SIS, fully integrated, multiplatform, and serving more than

6000 schools around the globe

Our customers are located in Europe, Asia, North and South America, Africa and the Middle East.

Consultants and Support

The partnership between us and our client schools goes beyond the typical Customer Service-to-client service model Jumpstart Implementation – only 3 weeks to get your school on a best practices road.

Training and consultancy services are available online and onsite around the globe.

Live Chat 5 days a week Perfect customizations to match regional requirements API Integration Solutions Multicurriculum functionalities - IB reporting, Standard grading, British and American Curriculum, and even Montessori or Waldorf.

A fitted solution for your school

Our commitment to schools' long-term sustainability and stability is rooted in our philosophy of putting customers first, every time, and learning from their uniqueness. Report Card and Transcript customizations – there is almost nothing that cannot be done to customize a school’s reporting needs. Let us know what you want, and we deliver.

Design and Customization of administrative reports.

Integration with third-party systems.

Save time with automated scripts, and enjoy the results.

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