Bamboo for Montessori schools

- Digitally Transforming Montessori Schools -

Bamboo for Guides

A full workspace for Montessori guides in their day to day activities.

Plan Presentations

Guides can plan their daily presentations, schedule their selection of students from different age groups. They could choose among the students that are recommended for the presentation based on their progress, manage their workload and have an overview of their daily, weekly or monthly schedule.

Record Observations

Guides could observe their learners and document their observations at the same time in a quick and easy way. Record your comment, your rating and which step the learner has done to achieve his/her objective.

Presentation Ideas

Guides wanting to record the ideas they have for capturing the attention of their young learners could easily add them to Bamboo and choosing them later when planning their daily presentations.

Share Resources

Guides could add the articles and the resources they will use in their presentations and share them with other guides in the school.

Visualize Progress and Learning Gaps

Visual representation of every learner progress keeping track in the days. A complete view of how learners are growing,their every day successes & struggles.

A day in the life of a Montessori guide

The Montessori guide plays many roles as both an educator and a guide leading students toward confident, independent learning. Bamboo offers guides the right tools to enable them to work efficiently and give the attention each child needs without being overwhelmed.

Bamboo for Supervisors

BAMBOO helps schools stop using paper, digitize their records and keep learners' progress and historical data.

Review planned and completed presentations

At any time and anywhere, supervisors can extract progress information related to any learner. Supervisors can visualize the management and evaluation of the classroom.

No more pen and paper

The generation of report cards becomes an easy task since all the data and evaluations are already recorded in the system.

Bamboo for Parents

Parents can see week by week how their child is doing in the classroom.

The portal is very easy and simple, even parents who are not experts in technology will happily use it.

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